SHARP CAREER: Working for Disney

Need we actually say anymore than the word ‘Disney,’ Emma Harley is living so many of our dreams working as Social Media Co-ordinator for the happiest organisation on earth. We didn’t think it could actually get any cooler…and then she mentioned some of the brands she’d been working on recently.

Emma, who works in a team that looks after 25 different markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “At the moment I’ve been working a lot on the Cars franchise. It’s a very big seller on the retail side, so we’ve been working on a ‘Racing Sports Network’ campaign on Youtube, tracking results and reporting back internally to see which content resonates.

“I also help to look after the Disney Lifestyle account, which features Disney themed products available to buy across EMEA. On top of this it’s also Mickey’s 90th anniversary, so if there’s any help needed there, that’s what I’m working on.

“My main role is to make sure every market is briefed, aware of the social media strategy and implementing it accordingly. I do a lot of internal work in reviewing social media reports, creating documents to make sure each channel falls in line with our brand and also liaising with different departments to make sure they all have the right material.

“It sounds a bit cliche but every day really is different. Some days I’m working with retailers to coordinate a social ad for a new product, other days I can be helping my manager work on a Disney on Ice social strategy, or I can be working on big Disney favourites to keep raising the profile of the brand on social particularly in between movie releases.

“There’s definitely some perks too, we get free entry to all the parks, I actually just spent last weekend at Disneyland Paris!”

Beginning her journey at Northumbria University with a degree in Drama, before going onto focus on Media and PR for her Masters at Northumbria University, Emma signed up to the facilities own paid internship scheme.

Emma said; “I worked at a brilliant company called Pickle Jar Communications, who kept me on after my internship as a Digital Communications Assistant. The experience I got there was invaluable.

“From there I began looking for another challenge and was drawn to an agency called Substance Global in London. Within one month I had literally packed up my full life and moved from Newcastle to the capital.

“One of my main clients that I worked on there was Twentieth Century Fox, this involved me looking at specific film’s social media strategy, digital marketing and ensuring the full plan set out was implemented. I loved it there.

“However after two years I was starting to get itchy feet. There’s a big difference between agency life and working in-house. At agencies, the work is fast-paced and it sometimes has to be reactive, this makes it much harder to cement more of a life routine, so when I saw the in-house role at Disney I had to apply.”

Emma’s advice for anyone wanting to get a role at the company, she said: “Use your university summers wisely and get experience. I probably didn’t do that enough. I worked for free for so many different companies just to get a taste of what I liked, so I knew which direction to go down.”

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